• Mooring Cocktail Party

    H’ors D’Ouevres

    Ahi Tuna Bites

    Avocado, Wasabi Aioli, Cucumber Cup
    $4 per piece (GF)

    Heirloom Tomato Skewers

    Balsamic Reduction, EVOO, Mozzarella
    $2.50 per piece (GF)

    Grilled Shrimp Pincho

    Wasabi Aioli, Togarashi Spices
    $3.50 per piece (GF)

    Bacon Wrapped Scallops

    Day Boat Scallops, Cured Bacon, Local Honey
    $3.75 per piece

    Beef or Chicken Satay

    Chipotle Chicken with Cilantro Lime Aioli
    Ginger and Soy Glazed Beef
    $2.75 per piece (GF)

    Philly Eggrolls

    Shaved Steak, Cheese Blend, Cajun Aioli
    $3.00 per piece

    Mushroom Arancini

    Panko Fried Risotto, Mushrooms, Sicilian Sauce
    $2.75 per piece

    Sausage and Pepper Wonton

    Pork Sausage, Provolone, Roasted Onions and Peppers
    $2.75 per piece

    Mini Crab Cakes

    Blue Crab, Peppers, Onions, Red Pepper Remoulade and Lemon Aioli
    $3.75 per piece

    Bolognese Arancini

    Chef Anthony’s Family Recipe, House Pomodoro sauce
    $2.50 per piece

    Stuffed Quahog

    Clams, Shrimp, Crab, Scallop, Focaccia Bread Stuffing
    $6.00 per piece

    Mooring Cocktail Party Platters

    (Serves 20ppl)

    Charcuterie Board

    Chef’s Selection of Assorted Meats (2) and Cheeses (3), Buttered Crostini, Crackers

    Vegetable Crudité

    Assorted Seasonal Vegetables, Pita Chips, Peppercorn Ranch, Green Goddess

    Raw Bar

    Jumbo Shrimp $3.50 Per Piece
    East Coast Oysters $2.50 Per Piece
    Little Neck Clams $1.50 Per Piece

    BBQ Ribs

    Pork Ribs, BBQ Sauce


    Grilled Wings, Mooring Hot Sauce, Jalapenos, Shallots, Roasted Garlic, Blue Cheese

    French Fry Bar

    House Fries, Parmesan Truffle, Sriracha, Green Goddess, Cajun Aioli
    $7 per Person


    Classic Calamari, Lemon Wedges, (Sicilian Sauce Add $10)

    Fried Artichokes

    Truffle oil-Parmesan Cheese

    Chicken Pot Stickers

    Teriyaki Chicken

    Edamame Pot Stickers

    Carrots, Edamame, Onions, Mushrooms

    Sandwich Platters

    (serves 20)

    Smoked Brisket Sliders

    Arugula Slaw, BBQ Sauce

    Lobster Salad Sliders

    Lettuce,Celery, Red Onion,Lemon Aioli

    French Dip Sliders

    Shaved Prime Rib, Caramelized Onions, American Cheese, Au Jus
    (Horseradish Cream Sauce $5.00 per platter)

    h3.Turkey Panini

    Cheddar Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Bacon, Arugula

    Fried Chicken Sliders

    Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Red Onion, Tomato, Bacon, Cajun BBQ